Australia’s economy may be slowing a little, but our design scene sure isn’t – just check out all the new stores, showroom revamps and world-leading products in Perth and across the nation.


We fell for Victorian company Harpers Project when they first came onto the scene earlier this year, and we’re now head-over-heels in love with Cranmore Home’s decision to stock them. Their products are clean, crisp and elegant, made up of smooth timbers and fresh white marble. Cranmore Home,



Vanessa Bird is the creative behind The Birds Nest Co., a company that specialises in hanging pot plants called kokedamas: plants grown from a moss ball full of compost, peat moss, and fertiliser.

What exactly are kokedamas?
Kokedamas, or kokenests, as we like to call them, are a traditional Japanese art invented in the 1600s, recently brought back into the light by a British artist in a string garden exhibition.

Why are they so great?
Kokenests are versatile and, in my opinion, the most beautiful form of living art. They can be as small as the palm of your hand, or as big as your head. They only need watering once a week in summer, and once a fortnight in winter. Some plants, like the ever-popular string of pearls, only need to be watered once a month.

What plants are in your nests?
Basically, anything that lives happily in a pot will live happily in a kokenest.

Can you also BYO plant?
Bring us a plant from your backyard and we’ll convert it into a kokenest that you can gift to others or keep for yourself. It’s a great feeling, saying, “I grew this beautiful plant by myself!”

For stockists, head to



Öopenspace is the newest furniture store to arrive on Hay Street in Subiaco. The company is made up of a group of architects and designers who strive to introduce modern, minimalist, adaptable and approachable products to Perth. “If I were to sum up what Ö is about, it is, very simply, a space curated for thoughtfully designed furniture and home products that are approachable, affordable, and öpen to all,” says director Aaron Teo.
121 Hay Street, Subiaco (08) 6162 1455,


We’re going bananas over BD Barcelona’s Monkey table, the latest addition to Mobilia’s ever-growing Claremont showroom. Designed by Jaime Hayon, the concrete side table features a Curious George-style monkey holding a serving plate. Jaime joins a number of internationally renowned designers who have been commissioned to create pieces for the Spanish design company, including Cristian Zuzunaga, Xavier Manosa and Pepe Cortes.
Monkey side table, POA, S&M Mobilia (08) 9284 5599,



These hand-crafted ceramics are proof that adults should never underestimate the abilities of a child – they were created by none other than a 12-year-old girl. Emmanuelle Liberman is a Melbourne youth who creates clay bowls, cups and servers. She started her foray into clay when she was only eight, going to a local ceramics studio after school every day. Now, Emmanuelle has perfected the art, so much so that she’s turning her hobby into some very nice pocket money.
Get your own piece of Lulu Clay from Mr Sparrow: bowls are $59, and cups $42. Mr Sparrow (08) 9381 6362,



The Furniture Gallery has just opened a third store, this one in Osborne Park. Revamped with the help of BHO Interiors, it showcases eclectic, contemporary and classic home decor, and exudes a modern, vintage and worldly feel, thanks to furniture and fittings created by local and national designers, including Shaynna Blaze and Jamie Durie, who have given the Perth company exclusivity to their ranges of bespoke lighting.

“We wanted a place that would be able to showcase the range properly, and the way The Furniture Gallery create their displays, we knew they would be able to show their customers how the lights can work in many different types of settings,” says Shaynna. “The lights transition for all styles due to the colours and the metals used. This range is based on organic shapes and on-trend metals, giving it a very versatile look.”

Jamie’s Bolo and Sputnik ranges are also on offer in Perth. “Both collections are constructed from mixed organic materials such as warm brass, soulful timber and cool concrete,” he says.

The collections reflect what is trending in the home. “Metals have had the design world humming for a while,” says Jamie. “The warm, smooth shimmer of burnished brass still dominates as a key accent material, especially in lighting. Concrete has been a favourite for walls and floors for some time, however, this versatile material is being used more and more on smaller, more decorative items as well.”

The Furniture Gallery, 415 Scarborough Beach Road, Osborne Park (08) 9444 1332,



Serralunga’s aptly named Doggy sculpture is now available from Watergarden Warehouse.

“For centuries, dogs have had a place in people’s homes, be they as pets or as guard dogs,” says Anna Stafford. “Doggy also finds its place in garden furniture: it can simply be an object of garden furniture, a garden ornament, a game for the children, a sort of garden bench or a stool, thanks to its solid structure. Placed in front of the door, it acts as an ideal guardian of the home and offers guests a warm welcome.”

If dogs aren’t your thing, maybe the Paloma and Pulcino bird sculptures will be.
“Serralunga Paloma and Pulcino were created by the designer Eero Aarnio,” says Anna. “Pulcino is the small version of Paloma, a decorative object that brings a touch of verve to the garden and to our daily lives, evoking elements that take us back to nature and to our childhood.”

Pulcino can be anchored to the ground, or can float on the water. “Thanks to the lighting system inside it, Pulcino is not just a decorative element or an informal seat, it is also an elegant form of exterior lighting for outdoor living.”
Watergarden Warehouse (08) 9443 7993,



Germs are no longer a problem, with Hansgrohe’s Metris Select kitchen mixer. Use the back of your hand to start and stop water flow from the tap, and pre-set temperature and water quantity using the lever located at the mixer’s base.
POA, Lavare Bathrooms (08) 9230 7950,


Photography  Philip Griffiths.


The Council House on St Georges Terrace has won the National Enduring Architecture award at the Institute of Architects’ 2015 National Architecture Awards. The prize is awarded to buildings more than 25 years old that remain important in a contemporary context. Council House, designed by Howlett & Bailey, was first opened in 1963. Fiona Stanley Hospital received a commendation in the Public Architecture category, and a commendation was given to the East Freo Lovestory boutique, for Small Project Architecture.


Perth’s own table-and-chair company, District, is fast becoming an Australian furniture stalwart, having just opened a new store in Melbourne.



Inject a bit of personality into your space with these sleek LED lights by Helestra. The Vigo modular system can be positioned in a number of linear and geometric shapes on walls or ceilings, with minimal installation impact. The systems are incredibly flexible, and feature remote-control operations that allow you to switch them on and off, or brighten and dim, all at the push of a button.
HALO Lighting (08) 9221 5544,


The Ocean Master Single Cantilever shade.


Love relaxing in your backyard but have nowhere to escape the harsh summer rays? An outdoor umbrella by Tuuci will do the trick. “These are the leading umbrellas on the world market today,” says Eco Outdoor Perth’s Pam Thomson, “and utilise marine materials to ensure they will withstand our harsh climate. If you are going to invest in a shading solution, these are an exciting design option, with many different shapes and sizes available.” The Tuuci range – including the Ocean Master Classic in Square (from $2995), Ocean Master Rectangle Autoscope (from $4350), Ocean Master Single Cantilever (from $14,950), and Plantation Max Classic (from $8950) – is exclusively available from Eco Outdoor Perth. Eco Outdoor Perth, 1300 131 413,



Murray Street’s Innerspace has expanded into what used to be the company car park. Joining the existing commercial showroom is a large residential retail space, showcasing brands Herman Miller, Kristalia and Pedrali.

“The decision to move into the residential space was born out of our love for beautiful design and our frustration at seeing exquisite products on our travels to the eastern states and overseas that were not available to discerning West Australian buyers,” says managing director Jon Miles. “We know Perth has design aficionados who know their stuff and want the very best – and now internationally renowned furniture from Flexform, Bend Goods, Thonet, Tolix and Missana has a new home in Perth.”

Missana’s current range (above) is one not to be missed, defined by classic designs in bold fabrics and colour choices.

Innerspace, 508-509 Murray Street, Perth.



A new bespoke homewares shop has recently opened its doors on Beaufort Street in Inglewood.

“LA LUNA is my little universe of styled must-have furniture, homewares, jewels, lighting, artworks, books, small things for the little ones, and much more,” says owner Michelle Wiltshire. “We have specially selected offerings ranging
from special-order modern furniture, the latest in books from publishers such as Rizzoli, local and US soy-wax candles, and gorgeous homewares, just to name a few.”

Brands include Areaware from Brooklyn, as well as a selection of art by local artists.

“I am loving the constellation prints and 2016 lunar phase calendars we have in store at the moment by local artist Chi Borrello,” Michelle says. “She’s very talented, and I love that the theme fits in so perfectly with LA LUNA.”

This summer, Michelle says her hottest must-have in homewares is potted ferns and palms in stylised pots.

“Tropical looks carried from outdoors to indoors are on trend, featuring rattan chairs, metallic and brass accents on coffee tables, and pot plants,” she says. “On the other spectrum, clean lines in trends – such as monochrome, concrete and marble homewares, lamps and clocks – are still on the rise.”

LA LUNA, 879 Beaufort Street, Inglewood (08) 6150 9730.



Searching for a home design that’s a little less ‘cookie cutter’? Scandinavian Designs is a new type of residential home build that focuses on creating modern, mid-century, and contemporary homes. Embodying classic Scandinavian design traits that are everlasting, these house plans can be tweaked and customised to suit your lifestyle. Standard designs start from $250,000. Scandinavian Designs
(08) 6241 7053,



Need a place for your valuables, but don’t fancy an ugly-looking safe? Never fear, Döttling is here, with its tabletop Colosimo safe. At just 22x22cm, the safe would make the best of thieves think twice. Made of solid stainless steel, it features a three-digit combination lock, 16 radially mounted, hardened lock bolts, and 32 gold-plated precision gearwheels. It comes in four versions, or custom-made in any furnishing you wish. Döttling,


Fresh to Ultimo Interiors’ showroom is this beautifully designed sofa from Rolf Benz. The TIRA sofa is highly adaptable, allowing for a whole host of seating options – from a single chair that you can sit or lie on, to a modular sofa made up of a number of single elements. Made in Germany, the sofa uses an innovative functional mechanism, in the form of a crafted loop and wooden handle, to adjust the backrest’s inclination.
Ultimo Interiors (08) 9201 2479,



The glass jars you call ‘vases’ in need of a bit of an update? Pepe Heykoop’s Paper Vases can help – these nifty creations act as skins, covering an empty glass or small bottle and essentially turning it into a makeshift vase. Simply adjust the size by rolling up the paper from the bottom. The vase skin (from $29) is space-saving too, flat-packed in an envelope.
Space Furniture (02) 8339 7588,



A recent trip to Singapore’s Maison&Óbjet was the driving force behind YU Interior’s recent revamp.

“Our new studio is filled with custom-designed furniture, exquisite wallpapers, gorgeous lamps, rugs and accessories to finish your home,” say YU owners Norinda Lewis and Rochelle Williams. “People coming into the showroom are now spoilt for choice, with lots to see and think about for their own homes.” 

Brands such as Armadillo rugs, Rebel Walls, Phillip Jefferies Textiles and Boyd Blue are showcased in an earthy, natural setting, which evokes the contemporary feel of a home.“The idea to have actual room settings means that every few months we can change each ‘room’,” the owners say. “There is so much for us to choose from that we can’t wait to start planning for our next room change.”
YU Interior (08) 9316 8833,

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