‘Delicious Every Day’ is a new cookbook by Anna Gare featuring recipes that are perfect for sharing and are guaranteed to send you straight to the kitchen.

Who can resist Anna Gare?  Bubbly, fun and down to earth, it's no wonder she has become one of our most recognisable cooks.  So we were qutie excited to have a chat with her and discuss her brand new offering, Delicious Every Day, which brings together her best recipes collected over decades. Most recipes are gluten free, but are sure to satisfy any fussy eaters. Recipes are easy to follow and there are gorgeous pictures throughout so you can see what you dishes will (hopefully) look like. 

The book features multiple chapters and categories for infinite inspiration, including Begin with Brekkie, Simple Sides, One-Pot Wonders, and so much more! It even includes not one, but two glorious dessert sections!

Anna's recipes have a deep respect for good produce and they are presented in a colourful, interesting way ensuring inspiration is not hard to come by. Delicious food that's good for you – that's definitely worth reading about. 

Anna Gare is a caterer, TV cooking show presenter, home cook, kitchenware designer and mother. She has most notably hosted Channel Ten's Junior Masterchef and the first series of Channel Nine's Great Australian Bake Off and her kitchenware range sellis country wide.  For 16 years, she also ran one of Western Australia's most successful catering companies, Deluxe Catering.  Most excitingly, Anna will very soon be venturing into the fashion world with her own line of clothing.

In chatting with her, her enthusiasm for food, good produce and geting people into the kitchen shines through.  Put simply, she said she wanted to write a book with good, healthy food that everyone could share.  

“For me, it was about just writing a book with really lovely, natural, healthy, delicious meals that everyone can cook and eat and nourish themselves,” she said.

“Food is one of my biggest motivators. My whole life really does revolve around food, whether it be working on television cooking shows, or writing a cookbook or performing at festivals, everything is basically food driven.”

But when asked if she had a favourite recipe, she couldn’t decide.

“That’s like trying to choose a favourite child!”

Delicious Every Day was made and published in Perth, with help from some of Gare’s closest colleagues and friends.

“This book was shot in Subiaco at Craig Kinder’s photography studio, so we shot it here, and I cooked absolutely everything in the book,” she said.

“My long-time friend did all the styling, getting all the props etc., and a girl who’s worked with me for years, another local girl, she did all the running around and the chopping, and assisting me with cooking and everything, and I had my kids on dishes.

“I really fought to have it made over here in Western Australia because I wanted to be a big part of it and Murdoch [Books] backed me on it."

“I think we’ve got a beautiful book, it’s come out really well and I’m really happy with it.”  Hard to argue with that.  Happy reading and even happier cooking. 

Delicious Every Day is available now.  

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