DARKFIELD, the team behind the eery shipping container experiences, COMA, FLIGHT and SEANCE, has announced a lockdown-only online broadcast of the spooky, fist-clenching Darkfield Radio shows.

Similar to the in-person shows seen at Fringe World, the at-home shows will also be in the complete darkness with participants wearing headphones to experience the three 20-minute Darkfield Radio shows through 360-sound only. With the complete loss of sight comes a heightened sense of delusion, disorientation and fear.

The shows are running as a triple-bill at 8:30, 9 and 9:30pm respectively, from Tuesday, Feb 2 until Thursday, Feb 4. Each show takes place in a different room of the house, and has different requirements; some are for partners, and some are designed for participants to be completely alone.

two silhouettes sitting across from each other on a kitchen table as part of the DOUBLE Darkfield Radio show

Photo credit: Alex Purcell

The first is DOUBLE, a show for two people who sit on either sides of a kitchen table, each with a glass of water in front of them. In the complete darkness, the show explores the Capgras delusion, which is a psychological condition where one becomes convinced that their loved one has been cloned, and that the person in front of them is an identical imposter with malicious intentions. Sit back and see how you brain can play tricks on you.

two people in chairs facing each other in the lounge room with headphones on as part of the VISITORS Darkfield Radio show

Following that is VISITORS, another partner show centred around a dead couple “looking for a temporary solution to their permanent condition.” Participants sit down 3 metres apart, facing each other in their living room, with no obstacles in between. The living room must be able to get completely dark, and have a door (don’t ask us why). While you may feel like you want to run over to your partner, the show requires you to keep separate throughout.

two silhouettes in a bed with a devil star around it as part of the ETERNAL Darkfield Radio show

Rounding out the trifecta is ETERNAL, a show to experience alone, in their bed, in complete darkness. The show is about sacrificing your body to be possessed by an unknown being, and in return, receiving eternal life.

If you think you can take on the challenge, grab your tickets here.

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