Landscape photographer Christian Fletcher shares his recent works.

1 Antarctica
$1795 (photo only) | Photography

Artwork | This photo was shot on a recent trip to
Antarctica on a particularly stormy day.


2 Iceland
$1795 (photo only) | Photography

Artwork | Early morning light over a freeway in Iceland during winter is captured in this image.


3 Gold Mining, Lake LeFroy
$1795 (photo only) | Photography

Artwork | Amazing abstract patterns from gold exploration on a salt lake in the Goldfields feature in Gold Mining, Lake Lefroy.


4 Milford Sound, New Zealand
$1795 (photo only) | Photography

Artwork | This photo was taken when a storm was rolling in at Milford Sound in the late evening.


5 Composite Image
$1795 (photo only) | Photography

Artwork | Composite Image is made up of three photographs, taken in Chile, New Zealand, and Iceland.


6 Salt Pond, Penong, SA
$1795 (photo only) | Photography

Artwork | Shot from the air over a Penong salt farm, abstract colours and shapes create a pleasing composition.


7 Shark Bay
$1795 (photo only) | Photography

Artwork | This photo was shot from the air over the Shark Bay World Heritage Area.


Christian Fletcher Photography
As a landscape photographer, Christian Fletcher is fascinated by both grand landscapes that are not of our creation, and those we have artificially created. Professional photographer Les Walkling once stated that landscapes possess our imagination, inspire reverence and awe, and guide us back to where we have come from. Christian says we only have to look at the history of landscapes as art to understand the connections and significance we place on our lands. He says there is nowhere this connection is more clearly represented than in photography.

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