Contemporary design and a healthy respect for the local environment results in unique yet practical homes.


Adopting an holistic approach when considering this site was a key factor to the success of the home. The family of four, with two teenage daughters, needed a comfortable home that promoted careful separation of zones including sleeping, living, utility, private and outdoor.

By gaining an understanding of how this family lives, Tectonics Building & Design (TBD) was able to create a highly functional home with strong zones, allowing the occupants to combine or separate their lives.

The interior is filled with ample natural light and breeze paths, while externally there
is an emphasis on sheltered spaces and a natural connection to the surrounding environment through the subtle use of local stone, timber and landscaping.

A contemporary facade with decorative low-maintenance finishes would be practical for the southwest weather conditions but is aesthetically boring. Different claddings highlight the home’s form, further accentuated by decorative recycled timber surrounds and structural steel elements.

The particular design and building materials (many of them recycled and sourced locally) have been chosen to minimise environmental impact.

As a local to Margaret River since 1996, primary building designer Peter Lea was able to apply personal knowledge to this project. His understanding of the region’s site conditions, and how best to create a home based on solar-passive and energy-efficient principles, resulted in a family home that is as functional as it is stylish.



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