Margaret River boasts a number of award winning breweries and distilleries where you can eat and drink to your hearts content.

The breweries are now producing everything from traditional pale ales and pilsners to some pretty unique concoctions of their own, but all definitely worth a try. Most server food and are kid friendly, so this is a great alternative for families and if you visit on the weekend they often have a band playing.

There are also several distilleries, including the Great Southern Distillery (originally based in Albany) which produces extraordinary whiskies that regularly take first and second place in international competitions against the world’s best. If you like your whisky this is seriously somewhere you can’t pass up.

Most of the breweries and distilleries in Margaret River have their own restaurants, serving up great food to complement the beer, and some are kid-friendly. Visit on the weekend and you’ll more than likely find a live band playing some tunes.

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