Inspired by 200 years of real accounts, the story is set on Ballardong boodja, around an abandoned hospital in the township of York. It’s a thrilling ride from humour to terror as we wind back time to reveal a dark past.

Image from Garth de Bruno Austin

Written by award-winning local playwrights, Ian Michael and Chris Isaacs, York is epic storytelling in every way.

We first meet a contemporary tree changing couple who move into an old, abandoned hospital building where they soon notice something isn’t quite right. We then find ourselves in 1985 in the very same building where a cub scout troop experience poltergeist-like hauntings. We travel back further in time to when the building was a military hospital post World War 1, and finally we visit the early years of white settlement and discover the brutal truth – the violence and injustice – of our colonial past.


Brought to the stage by Black Swan in collaboration with WA Youth Theatre Company, York is a daring new work that reminds us that when we try to bury history, it comes back to haunt us. Showing at the Heath Ledger Theatre from July 10 to August 1, this powerful performance is a must-see for every West Australian. Tickets on sale here.


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