WA’s North is world famous for its spectacular birdlife, with over 310 species recorded in the region. Excellent birding can be had throughout the year, and as the wet season rarely affects access to prime birding areas, visitors can expect to see a multitude of beautiful birdlife all year round.                               

If you’re keen to see a huge number of species, the Broome Observatory (about 2000km north of Perth) is a prime location – you can see more than 300 of Australia’s 800 species.

The observatory also offers a variety of birdwatching and nature tours showcasing the beaches and wetlands of the region. Guests can marvel at Broome’s beautiful shorebirds, mangroves and waterbirds on a variety of informative lake, plains, bush and beach tours.

The mudflat shores of Roebuck Bay provide some of the best birding in Australia. March and April are the prime periods to visit, when you’ll find thousands of birds searching the mud for food before their annual migration.

Species that are easier to spot within Broome include raptors and yellow-chats, and species such as white-breasted whistler and red-headed honeyeaters can also be seen.

Further east, Lake Argyle and surrounds are home to over 270 species of birds, about one third of all species found in Australia. A walk close by the lake during the dry season is often rewarded with sightings of the endangered gouldian finch.

If you head out to the lake in your own boat, commonly sighted species are sandstone shrike thrush, white quilled rock pigeons and ospreys. Alternatively, specialised birdwatching charters will reward participants with rare sightings of yellow chat, purple-crowned fairy wren and a range of migratory waders.

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