They’re tasty, filling and – crucially – can be wrangled one-handed. Yep, the humble bagel is our pick when we’re seeking fuel for a morning market trip.

1. Cinnamon and raisin bagel with blueberry cream cheese, The Holy Bagel Co
These chewy bad boys are the real deal: proved for 48 hours, boiled in a top-secret liquid, and baked on redwood cedar planks in a stone oven, they’re the closest thing you could get to an authentic New York bagel in Perth. There’s an untraditional Aussie spin, of course: we love the slightly sweet combo of cinnamon and raisin, which cuts through the bagel’s malty, sour taste. And blueberry cream cheese? Um, IV drip for that, please!
Vic Park Farmers Market.

2. Avo feta smash on Sunny bagel, Sweet Dream Foods
Try your favourite cafe brekkie combo on this tasty sundried tomato Montreal bagel. They’re made with egg in the mixture, so they’re slightly softer than their Yankee counterparts – no incisor-shattering skins here – but no less dense, making them a perfect base for a breakfast sanger. Tart, tangy and garlicky, this one’s our new hangover fave.
Kyilla Farmers Market, Cooby Farmers Market,
Perth Home Grown Market.

3. Poppyseed bagel, The Bread Expert
Don’t understand the whole bagel phenomenon? Fortunately, the Bread Expert does. He proves his bagels for 15 minutes, and steams them, to make smaller, fluffier rolls, sans that rich, sour taste. The result? A denser, Continental loaf-like bagel, that he recommends topping with smoked salmon. We reckon he’d know!
Poynter Farmers Market, Midland Farmers Market, Wanneroo Markets.


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