Scoop was lucky enough to go behind the scenes of WA Ballet’s rehearsals for its upcoming production of Peter Pan.

Just walking into the rehearsal room was an exciting experience, as everyone gathered there was eager to get a glimpse of the magic that the dancers of WA Ballet had to offer during this exclusive look behind the scenes of their upcoming production.

The scene we were invited to watch the company rehearse was the opening act of the performance, set in Wendy, John and Michael’s bedroom where they meet Peter Pan and Tinkerbell for the first time. So much of ballet is reliant on the dancers’ performance, their facial expressions and body positions, and it was amazing to watch each character come to life without the need for dialogue. Even in rehearsal the company conveyed the story with impressive and beautiful technique and skill.

Peter Pan follows the story of one boy who never wants to grow up and his adventures on Neverland with fairies and pirates. When he brings Wendy and her brothers John and Michael to the magical land, the children find themselves caught up in many adventures.

WA Ballet’s production uses Russell Kerr’s original set from the first ballet of Peter Pan that was staged in New Zealand in 1999, and most of the original choreography remains the same today as well.

Each dancer portrays their character so vividly, making it difficult not to get wrapped up in the story. Incredible amounts of energy and precision are maintained throughout the act, showing just how much work is put into a performance such as this.

There are some magical moments that we can all look forward to, including Tinkerbell’s solo where she tells Pan how much she loves him, the scene with the pirates, and the flying scene, which involves some truly impressive technical tricks.

WA Ballet’s Peter Pan is at His Majesty’s Theatre from November 17 to December 10. Find out more.

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Image: Gakuro Matsui and Dancers of West Australian Ballet rehearsing Peter Pan by Sergey Pevnev

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