It is no secret that Rottnest Island boasts some of the most enchanting snorkelling locations this side of the country. Protected by limestone reefs, the turquoise bays scattered along Rottnest’s coastline provide for excellent snorkelling conditions and are suitable for underwater adventurers of all ages and abilities. We have the scoop on where you can find colourful coral formations and swaying seagrass meadows on your next trip to Rottnest.

Little Parakeet Bay

Located at the Island’s north point, Little Parakeet Bay is a great option for younger children with its shallow water and calm conditions. Get to know the flourishing community of little blue-scaled fish, starfish and the occasional friendly ray.

Fish Hook Bay

On the west end of the Island, and better suited to more confident snorkelers, Fish Hook Bay showcases the diversity of fish populating the waters of Rottnest. The bay gets its name from its iconic shape and is sheltered by surrounding limestone.

Parker Point Snorkel Trail

The Parker Point Promontory features several choice locations for snorkelers to explore, with an abundance of coral and tropical fish varieties. Follow the snorkelling trail marked out by plaques attached to the seabed and discover more about the marine life native to the area. A truly immersive experience!

The Shipwreck at Henrietta Rocks

The waters around Rottnest are crowded with the ghostly wrecks of ships fallen victim to the dense reef system surrounding the Island. The Shark was one such ship, now lying at rest only 50m out from the beach at Henrietta Rocks. Visible from the surface in the shallow water, it is a popular snorkelling spot suitable for younger snorkelers eager to explore some underwater history.

Mary Cove

Facing southwards near to the narrow neck of the Island, Mary Cove is well protected by the surrounding network of reefs just off the shoreline. The coral species congregating around the reef are home to schools of tropical fish, making for excellent snorkelling conditions.

Little Armstrong Bay

A must-visit for snorkelling enthusiasts, Little Armstrong Bay is popular amongst those looking for a quiet, calm spot to submerge themselves in. It lies in a marine sanctuary zone and for good reason – some of the marine life encountered here is not to be found anywhere else along the Island’s coastline.

Jeannie’s Pool and Little Salmon Bay

Easily accessible by bike, Jeannie’s Pool sits just off Little Salmon Bay and both are well-suited to underwater exploration. A reef extends around the length of the promontory and on days with lighter wind conditions, stronger snorkelers can embark on a rewarding expedition from Little Salmon Bay to Parker Point.

Image credit: Rottnest Island Authority & Tourism WA.

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