Avril Lavigne has worked her way up to the top of the music industry and has also established a successful business career. Now she is back, with a collaboration with Melbourne based brand Pins to Kill for a limited edition leggings collection, available only in November!

Avril Lavigne, artist, businesswoman and super succesful singer/song writer, has sold more than 35 million albums, with two of her studio albums debuting at #1. She also runs her own lifestyle apparel brand, Abbey Dawn, has released three fragrances and started her own charity to help kids with serious illness or disabilities.  So, when we heard that she had collaborated on a new clothing line, we weren't that suprised. However, we were suprised to see that this a different sort of offering and we were keen to hear a little more about it.   

Avril Lavigne is adding another string to her bow, teaming up with custom clothing brand Pins to Kill to release a new, limited edition leggings collection.

Founder of Pins to Kill, Linda Vydra, said Avril was the perfect fit for the brand’s new collaboration.

“We have been working with Avril for a few months now to organise the vision of the collaboration and the design,” she said.

“I try to work with people on Limited Edition runs who resemble the Pins to Kill vision in Inspiring Dream Chasers.

“Avril has achieved so much in such a little amount of time, so it felt like the perfect fit in working together.

“Doing a fun collaboration with various influencers is a great way to keep the brand fresh and relevant.

“The influences also help keep the line changing regularly and helps new audiences see what we do.”

Pins to Kill is a customised online clothing website that develops personalised items, focusing mainly on leggings. Customers can upload their own design, photo or artwork to create custom leggings, or can choose from a range of options available, including funky animal or geometric prints!

Ms Vydra said they are on a mission to create a family sharing dreams and inspiration.

“We aim to use our expanding range to link women together to express their ambitions and interests,” she said.

“We are collaborating with women from around the world who are killing it in their field and pushing their daily boundaries.”

These women range from dancers and models to actresses and rock climbers.

Pins to Kill offers a different take on the leggings market as they offer customisation and a 3D platform to design.

“I believe that 3D customisation is going to be a big way of the future,” Ms Vydra said.

“People want to have control what they can purchase and make it customised to their needs.

“The vision is for global domination and for people around the world to continue to customise their own leggings.”

Avril Lavigne’s Limited Edition leggings collection is only available throughout November, so get in quick and order now before you miss out!

Visit the Pins to Kill website for more.

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