Prepare your ears, Audible Edge, the festival dedicated to the exploration and enjoyment of sound, arrives in Perth from April 6 – 18.

Eclectic, edgy and enigmatic, there’s something for everyone over the fortnight, from surround sound speaker experiences to basement shows to oddball parties. Plus, all Festival events are pay-what-you-feel, so you have the freedom to see as many shows as you like and give back to the artists as you see fit.

Centered around the idea of finding joy in a huge range of genres, approaches and practices, the festival will showcase a malady of musical experiences, from experimental metal to free jazz.

Exploring the way we listen and react to sound sits at the forefront of Audible Edge’s program. Listen to some over-the-top, strange and risk-taking sounds that challenge norms and give artists unrestrained permission to express their passions. As the Festival organisers say:

‘You will love some of it. You will find some of it confusing. So will we. This is good!’

Opening the festival on Tuesday, April 6 is An Ocean of Ears, where torrents of tinkling, effervescent sounds will pour from 16 speakers and a powerful subwoofer at Fremantle’s Old Customs House, featuring works from artists across Australia and the world. Old Customs House will also be hosting more events in the first week, such as Playing and Re-playing, where Namibian/South African duo Listening at Pungwe will be providing a provocative performance and absurdist film from Soda Jerk will be rolling.

Other popular Perth venues such as The Bird and Hyde Park will also be hosting events, including remixed tributes to medieval song and dance with Listening to Dryandra Woodland and Serf Punk, and chamber ensembles.

Going into the second week, The Rechabite will host multiple must-see events that experiment with improvised folk performances, energetic jazz and ambient sound. Audio-visual experiences will be rolling out at Backlot Cinemas, with music videos and ritualistic performances to challenge your senses.

All events at Audible Edge are ‘pay-what-you-feel’ and their tiered prices for each show are more guidelines than rules, as artists rely on the support to run the festival, but also want to ensure audiences can come to see as many shows as they like.

Bookings are now available here.


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