‘Organic’ is a bit of a buzz word these days – thrown around a little too often. So we were very keen to check out the Divine Company; a fully certified organic skin care range. We’re pleased to say we were impressed.

The Divine Company has released collections including Divine by Therese Kerr, Divine Man and Divine Baby, but their new collection could be the best, most innovative one yet.

The latest Divine Woman collection, launched at the end of October, is certified organic as the company works as closely as possible with certified ingredients, working with the natural environment.

Divine marketing manager Emma Trapski had a chat with us to elaborate on the kind of Divine woman they are supporting.

“We want the Divine woman to be a specific kind of person.  She’s definitely a pioneer for a new era, she’s authentic, natural, and she really believes in naturally harnessed beauty,” she said.

“Our Divine woman is definitely our modern woman.

“This collection was created purely for her, she is engaging, she’s empowered.”

Ms Trapski also said the range seeks to help you build a better relationship with your skin. The creators want you to really think about what you’re putting on your body and into your skin, encouraging people to spend a little time on research and education so as to be well informed about the products chosen. 

“Our Divine woman also searches for products for the whole family. We feel our Divine woman is, I guess, the head of the family. She’s the one that will buy Divine man and buy Divine baby because she’s wanting to make sure that all the products used are safeguarded to ensure that it leads to a better life experience,” she said.

“We’re also looking at full health and wellness, and the overall wellbeing of the individual.  It's a holistic approach to our skincare.”

The ingredients in Divine Woman products include squalane, derived from olives; traditional Kakadu plum, harvested by the Indigenous people of the Kakadu National Park; Chia seed oil, the richest form of Omega 3 not found in the ocean; and liquorice extract, designed to reduce redness and improve dark spots and pigmentation.

The Divine Company puts thought into each and every step of the process, from planning and sourcing organic ingredients to creation and completion.  If you're after a healthier, cleaner alternative for your skin care regime, this is worth having a look at.  

Shop online now at http://www.thedivinecompany.com/product-category/divine-woman/ 

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