If you have aspirations for a career in dance, costume, design, music or choreography, and are looking for inspiration, check out this incredible dance performance by second and third year dance students in the 2020 class at WAAPA.

This is why each year, thousands of students from around the world apply for WAAPA each year, and only the talented few make it through.

Inspired by Théodore Géricault’s iconic Romantic painting, The Raft of the Medusa (1818-19), the 45 minute performance has been described as, “A visceral and emotive exploration of calamity and shared humanity. Moving relentlessly, the dancers are caught in the throes of a defining moment in time.”

“A Moving Portrait” was choreographed by Raewyn Hill with the hauntingly beautiful music composed, arranged and performed by Eden Mulholland.

  • Artistic Associate Alice Kell
  • Artistic Assistant Tanya Rodin
  • Lighting Designer Katie Southwell
  • Sound Designer Madison Warnes
  • Costume Designer Bec Simpkins
  • Costume Supervisor Rose Finlay
  • Costume Crew Heather Freeman, Jessica Arrantash, Kathryn Fung, Qi Cao
  • Film Production by Raz Media
  • Performed by 2nd and 3rd Year Dance students at ECU’s Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts (WAAPA): Jaslyn Boughton, Niña Brown, Francesca Fenton, Campbell Gateley, Allain Gumapon, Sabrina Madaffari, Ellie Matzer, Anna Milburn, Emily Mulholland, Bianca Perrone, Jessica Pettitt, Nadia Priolo, Macon Riley, Aisha Samat, Samantha Smith, Casey Triplett, Geri Vanduyne, Isabel Wartmann, Luther Wilson, Zachary Wilson, Charlee Wonson and Ayla Zoomers.


To find out more about WAAPA’s Dance programs, visit: WAPPA

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