They’re the creative dynamic duo behind one of Western Australia’s iconic labels. Scoop talks to designers Daniel Romanin and Nina Ergic about their label One Fell Swoop celebrating its 10th birthday.

How did your design partnership evolve?
We had a great friendship that had developed during our three years of studies. We took over a little corner in our third-year design studio and worked on our projects together as a team, and even though our ideas were similar, we would produce different products. It was a natural progression to making that collaboration a label.

How did your designs differ back then?
In our early collections, we were very engrossed in referencing the past. We would be inspired by history, art and past eras. That gave us
a foundation to develop our own handwriting, which has become the signature of One Fell Swoop. Our past is reflected in the simplicity and effortless style we embody today. Our practice is the same today as it was from the start – every shape is created from draping on the form.

Was there ever a time that you wanted to throw it all in?
Never – there where times when situations almost forced us to, but we pushed through together. What has kept us going is our belief in each other’s talent and the feeling our clients have when they wear one of our pieces.

How does it feel, being behind one of Western Australia’s most iconic labels?
That is very flattering to be thought of as an
iconic WA label. We just try to embody our beautiful WA lifestyle into a beautiful garment.
We are passionate about our quality and that is why everything is overseen by us locally. It has taken us time to be positioned how we want to be, and we are incredibly proud to be supported by such honest and passionate people.

What would you like to say to the Nina and Daniel back when you were starting the label?
You can’t control everything! Let people help and utilise their talents, and focus on your own. I would also say take pride in what you create and what your vision is – don’t get overcome with other people’s ideas. Money can’t buy style or happiness, only hard work does.

Do you have a favourite collection or piece?
We took a season off in 2009 to regroup and rebrand, and put everything we had learned into a clearer vision. This lead to what Nina and I refer to as our “start-again collection”. It clearly illustrated how we had grown and what our thoughts for the future where. This is our favourite collection.

Favourite moment?
There are so many. Standout was winning the Mercedes Benz Fashion Week start-up collection with our first collection. The second is the show we did in the abandoned cinema in Carillon City.

What does the future hold?
We are in a better position to reach out and really push our collections nationally and internationally. This is where we will be aiming to expand in the future.

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