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Swan Valley Wine Show 2020 Twilight Showcase

Head over to Sandalford Winery for a fabulous evening showcasing fine wine presented by the Swan Valley Winemakers Association.

  • Dates:Oct 8
  • Time(s):5pm
  • Venue:Saldalford Winery


  • Hosted By:Swan Valley Winemakers
  • Venue Address:Sandalford Winery, 3210 W Swan Road, Caversham, WA, 6055
  • Ticket Price:$60 +GST
  • Food & Drink:Wine,Winery Events


The Swan Valley Wine Show Twilight Showcase will kick off from 5pm in the beautiful Estate Room at Sandalford Wines and will include an official exhibitor’s tasting and trophy presentations for all of our category winners.

You will have the opportunity to taste some of the award-winning entries from this year's Swan Valley Wine Show.

Tickets will be limited in line with government restrictions around social distancing. Ticket sales will be available to members first, then if capacity allows available to the general public in mid-September, priced at $60 + GST per person.

Kings Park Festival

Come celebrate 'Perth's Green Heart' with the world's biggest and most beautiful display of Western Australian wildflowers this September at Perth's iconic destination, Kings Park.

  • Dates:Sept 1 - 30
  • Venue:Kings Park
  • Festivals:All Festivals


  • Hosted By:Kings Park and Botanic Garden
  • Venue Address:Fraser Ave, Perth WA 6005
  • Ticket Price:Free
  • Other:Flowers & Gardens
  • Event Venue:Kings Park
  • Type:Free


The 2020 Kings Park Festival will celebrate 'Perth’s Green Heart' this September with the world’s biggest and most beautiful display of Western Australian wildflowers. Enjoy dozens of free and fabulous events for nature lovers, garden gurus and those with an interest in conservation and the beautiful Western Australian environment. 

The Festival will run from 1 – 30 September, with more than 25,000 plants and hundreds of wildflower varieties bursting into bloom, heralding the start of spring in the South West of WA.

With ‘Instagrammable’ spots around every corner, there will be plenty of opportunities to get back to nature with guided walks, an outdoor photography display and outdoor wellness classes, as well as 17 hectares of the beautiful Western Australian Botanic Garden to explore. 

Enjoy a guided walk through the WA Botanic Garden, Kings Park Bushland or Bold Park with their expert volunteers and staff, or get your native gardening tips at a 'Dig it With Coffee' session run weekly during September. For a deeper look at the WA environment, why don’t you tune into their informative science webinars hosted by the passionate environmental scientists and conservationists.

If you fancy something a bit more active – Join the GoGo Active Tours on a wildflower bike tour and the crew at The Hike Collective for a ‘High Tea and Guided Hike’ through some of Kings Park’s wildflower hotspots.

After all the sightseeing, you will be able to relax in the spring sunshine and enjoy acoustic music in several of the parkland precincts on select weekends.  

Beaufort St Songwriters Club

Enjoy intimate performances from some of Perth's up-and-coming talent at The Beaufort St Songwriters Club.

  • Dates:Sep 17 - Oct 29
  • Time(s):8pm to 11.30pm
  • Venue:The Bird


  • Venue Address:181 William St, Northbridge WA 6003
  • Ticket Price:$5
  • Type:Youth Art / Performance
  • Music:Gig Guide,Pop


Originally born in Mt Lawley, The Bird in Northbridge invites you to a cosy night filled with music and candlelight. With a selection of great drinks and shaker fires, this is a great way to kick the mid-week blues. 

The Small Hours

Suspense, mystery and murder come together at Stirling Theatre in The Small Hours, a thriller with international intrigue.

  • Dates:September 18-October 3
  • Time(s):8pm September 18, 19, 24, 25, 26, October 1, 2 & 3; 2pm September 20 & 27
  • Venue:Stirling Theatre


  • Hosted By:Stirling Theatre
  • Venue Address:Morris Place, Innaloo
  • Ticket Price:$22, $20 concession
  • Ticket Price FROM:$20
  • Ticket price TO:$22
  • Other:Performing Arts
  • Performing Arts:Theatre


SUSPENSE, mystery and murder come together at Stirling Theatre in The Small Hours, a thriller with international intrigue.

Written by Francis Durbridge and directed by Janet Brandwood, the play follows Sussex hotel owner Carl Houston who saves a passenger when their plane is hijacked after leaving Australia.

Houston nearly dies as he tries to learn why his travel bag is of interest to the police while also attempting to find out what a toy koala, his devious chef and the hijacking have in common.

Playwright Durbridge is an English author, best known for creating the character Paul Temple.

Janet has chosen to update the play from its 1980s setting to the present day.

“What directly inspired me was finding a copy of the script when I was in the theatre office,” she said.

“I previously directed Durbridge’s A Touch of Danger in 2011 and was familiar with his style. 

“My husband Tom also directed two of his plays at the old Stirling Theatre in Cedric Street. 

“I am a big fan of crime stories and have Agatha Christie’s entire collection of books, her biography and many of her plays – I have directed six of them.”

The main challenge with The Small Hours, according to Janet, is the set.

“The first scene is aboard an aircraft and we’ve been lucky enough to find two genuine airline seats,” she said.

“They’re on a small thrust stage, right in front of the proscenium, with the remaining scenes in the living room of a hotel.”

The Small Hours plays at 8pm September 18, 19, 24, 25, 26, October 1, 2 and 3 with 2pm matinees September 20 and 27. Tickets are $22, $20 concession – book through Morris News on 9446 9120 or at www.trybooking.com/BHPJF.

Stirling Theatre is on Morris Place, Innaloo.

Let The Right One In

Sinister undercurrents and gothic themes flow throughout Harbour Theatre’s latest show, as part of a dark coming-of-age story.

  • Dates:September 18-October 4
  • Time(s):7.30pm September 18, 19, 23, 25, 26, 30, October 2 and 3 with 2pm matinees September 20, 27 avnd October 4
  • Venue:Harbour Theatre


  • Hosted By:Harbour Theatre
  • Venue Address:16 Lochee Street, Mosman Park
  • Ticket Price:$25.50, $23.50 concession, $20.50 students
  • Ticket Price FROM:$20.50
  • Ticket price TO:$25.50
  • Other:Performing Arts
  • Event Venue:Camelot Outdoor Cinema
  • Performing Arts:Theatre


SINISTER undercurrents and gothic themes flow throughout Harbour Theatre’s latest show, as part of a dark coming-of-age story.

Based on the Swedish novel and film by John Ajvide Lindqvist and adapted for stage by Jack Thorne, Let The Right One In focuses on the bullied teenage boy Oskar who finds a friend in Eli, after she moves in next door.

Both are from dysfunctional families and support each other during a frightening time in Oskar’s life, as a spate of disturbing killings rock the neighbourhood.

But Eli has a hidden secret – she doesn’t go to school and never leaves her flat during the day.

Let The Right One In was published in 2004 and adapted into a film in 2008, followed by an English language adaptation in 2010 under the title Let Me In.

“The story proves that as long as you have someone to support you, you can survive anything,” director Jo Sterkenburg said.

“There are several underlying themes that many people will identify with and enjoy exploring.”

Sterkenburg said she saw the film several years ago and was captivated by its dark undertones and relatable story.

“After reading the book, I looked for the screenplay and, to my delight, discovered it was available to be performed,” she said.

“I have always been attracted to dark, gothic themes and have wanted to do something like this at Harbour Theatre for many years.

“I wanted a challenge, instead of the usual sort of play with a square set and lots of furniture.

Let The Right One In is an opportunity for the audience to imagine the horror through atmosphere, sound and lighting effects and, of course, good acting.”

First becoming involved in theatre more than 40 years ago in Quairading, Sterkenburg joined Harbour Theatre in 1981 and has been involved as an actor, director, stage manager, lighting and sound operator and make-up artist in a plethora of productions.

She has also performed at Melville Theatre and has numerous best actor and supporting actor awards to her credit.

Most recently, Sterkenburg directed the bittersweet comedy Sex Cells and the short drama Early Frost.

Her latest show hasn’t been without its challenges, including COVID-19.

“We were two weeks into rehearsal and then everything went into lockdown,” Sterkenburg said.

“But my cast and crew have been amazing, still wanting to be involved months later, and are coming along to rehearsals with enthusiasm.”

Let The Right One In plays at 7.30pm September 18, 19, 23, 25, 26, 30, October 2 and 3 with 2pm matinees September 20, 27 avnd October 4. Tickets are $25.50, $23.50 concession and $20.50 students – book at www.TAZTix.com.au or call TAZTix on 9255 3336.

Note: the play contains strong language and supernatural themes and is not suitable for children under 14.

Harbour Theatre is located at 16 Lochee Street, Mosman Park.


Get ready to laugh, sigh and cry a little as four retired opera singers take you into the bittersweet world of facing up to age and mortality.

  • Dates:Sep 24, 25, 26; Oct 1, 2, 3
  • Time(s):8pm September 17, 18, 19, 24, 25, October 1, 2 and 3 with a 2pm matinee September 26
  • Venue:Limelight Theatre


  • Hosted By:Limelight Theatre
  • Venue Address:Civic Drive, Wanneroo
  • Ticket Price:$21, $18 concession
  • Ticket Price FROM:$18
  • Ticket price TO:$21
  • Other:Performing Arts
  • Performing Arts:Theatre


GET ready to laugh, sigh and cry a little as four retired opera singers take you into the bittersweet world of facing up to age and mortality.

Written by Ronald Harwood and directed by Gwen Browning at Limelight Theatre, Quartet is set in an aged care home with Cecily, Reggie and Wilfred ready to celebrate Verdi’s birthday with an annual concert.

Reggie’s ex-wife Jean arrives and upsets the balance, continuing to act like a diva and refusing to sing – but the show must go on.

In 2012, a film adaptation was directed by Dustin Hoffman and starred Billy Connolly, Maggie Smith, Pauline Collins and Tom Courtenay.

“I loved the film,” Browning said. “For those of us in their 60s and above, the situation and state the characters are in is all too familiar. 

“I felt the play would appeal to our more mature patrons while also providing a good laugh for everyone.”

Involved with Limelight Theatre since 1983, Browning has performed – as she puts it – in “too many productions to remember”.

She was named best actress at Limelight Theatre in 1992, 1996, 2004 and 2006, also scoring the accolade at the 1995 State Drama Festival.

Browning has directed the plays Hotel Sorrento, Whose Life Is It Anyway?, Life x 3 and Talking Heads, winner of best production in 2012.

The main challenge with Quartet, she says, is working with a cast of only four.

“It goes without saying that a group of strong actors is essential,” Browning said.

“The actors must also be able to bounce off each other and work well as an ensemble.”

Quartet plays at 8pm September 17, 18, 19, 24, 25, October 1, 2 and 3 with a 2pm matinee September 26. Tickets are $21, $18 concession – email [email protected] or call 0499 954 016 between 9am and 12pm, Monday, Wednesday and Friday (or leave a clear message).

Limelight Theatre is located on Civic Drive, Wanneroo.

Subi Lounge Series: Zucchini Brothers Dazzle The Streets

Subi’s famous vegetable siblings colour the streets with Euro-folk, latin and bossa nova vibes.

  • Dates:Sept 24, Oct 3
  • Time(s):Thurs 4pm & 5:30pm, Sat 2pm & 3:30pm


  • Hosted By:See Subiaco
  • Venue Address:The Regal Theatre & Forrest Walk
  • Ticket Price:Free
  • Other:Music
  • Music:Country & Folk,Jazz,Other Music
  • Type:Free


The Zucchini Brothers play Latin, Tango, Bossa Nova, European classics and an array of popular hearty vocals. They are at their best moving around tables, playing lovers requests and raucous tarentellas, bull fighting boleros and Russian folk songs!

Roving performances
• Thursday 24 September 4:00pm, Regal Theatre sidewalk & 5:30pm, Forrest Walk
• Saturday 3 October 2:00pm, Regal Theatre sidewalk, 3:30pm, Forrest Walk

Subi Lounge Series: Paper Moon Play Bistro Felix

Jazz, soul and contemporary favourites. Two wonderful evenings of spell-binding musicianship with outstanding vocalist Fiona Rea and virtuoso jazz guitarist Lachlan Gear.

  • Dates:Sept 24; Oct 1
  • Time(s):4:30pm - 6:30pm


  • Hosted By:See Subiaco
  • Venue Address:118-120 Rokeby Road Subiaco
  • Ticket Price:Free
  • Other:Music
  • Music:Jazz
  • Type:Free


Bistro Felix Wine Bar is a smart wine bar and restaurant with a focus on Modern European dining. The menu is a contemporary take on classic French dishes designed by head chef Amane Mori, winner of the 2019 Western Australian Restaurant and Catering: Chef of the Year Award. If a drink is all you desire, you are welcome to take a seat at their bar or on Subiaco’s favourite deck, order a nibble from our snacks menu and select from their extensive cocktail, beer and wine list.

• Bistro Felix Wine Bar
• September 24, 2020, 4:30pm to 6:30pm
• October 1, 2020 4:30pm to 6:30pm

Contact venue to make a booking.

Pixar Putt 2020

Get ready to kick some serious putt for Pixar Putt's return to Perth for a limited season!

  • Dates:Sep 25 - Oct 25
  • Time(s):10.00am to 10.00pm
  • Venue:RAC Arena Plaza


  • Hosted By:Disney & Life Like Touring
  • Venue Address:RAC Arena Plaza, 700 Wellington Street
  • Ticket Price FROM:$19.90
  • Ticket price TO:$119.90
  • Event Venue:RAC Arena
  • Type:For Kids


This pop-up open-air mini golf experience is inspired by some of Pixar’s most adored films and is set to take guests to infinity…and beyond!

Putt your way around 9 or 18 holes including Toy Story, The Incredibles, Finding Nemo, A Bug’s Life, Monsters, Inc., Inside Out, Wall-E, The Good Dinosaur and more.

This year, not only has Pixar Putt had a redesign, but it will also see the debut of some brand-new holes featuring the latest Pixar hit Onward, as well as Toy Story 4, Ratatouille and Coco, across the entire 18-hole course.

By its very nature, Pixar Putt is one of the most physically distanced events you could find anywhere! The safety of patrons is top priority and Pixar Putt will operate with a commitment to a COVIDSafe environment under a full COVIDSafe Plan.

Spring Farm Fair

Between September 26 and 30, part of the Claremont Showground will come alive with animals, agriculture and family fun!

  • Dates:Sep 26-30
  • Time(s):Session 1: 10am to 1pm, Session 2: 2pm to 5pm
  • Venue:Claremont Showgrounds


  • Hosted By:Royal Agricultural Society of Western Australia
  • Venue Address:1 Graylands Rd, Claremont, 6010
  • Ticket Price:Kids 2 and under FREE, $8 per person + booking fee (online only)
  • Type:Community,For Kids
  • Other:Agricultural
  • Event Venue:Claremont Showground


The 5 day Spring Farm Fair will be a farm wonderland for families and young children, to interact with farm animals, learn more about agriculture and farming in WA, and enjoy some great food. 

Highlights will include the Animal Nursery, presented in a new space that will provide a unique up-close animal experience. Animals will include chickens, goats, ducks, rabbits and many of the farm favourites.

This 5-day Spring Farm Fair will be exactly what parents and families need to kick off their school holidays and with session numbers restricted to 5,000 per session, people wanting to attend will need to be quick to snap up their tickets online

School's Out Fest

Start your adventure at the Elizabeth Quay Fun Fair with a range of amusement rides for the young and young at heart.

  • Dates:Sept 26 to Oct 11
  • Time(s):9.00am to 5.30pm
  • Venue:Elizabeth Quay
  • Festivals:All Festivals


  • Hosted By:School's Out Fest
  • Venue Address:Elizabeth Quay
  • Ticket Price:$10
  • Type:For Kids


Enjoy one hour of unlimited rides on the thrilling Dream Swinger or the Runaway Train Rollercoaster, through to the gentler Cup & Saucer or Taxi Jets ride which are ideal for the little ones.

Rides Include:
- Dream Swinger
- Runaway Train Rollercoaster
- Fiesta Balloon
- Storm
- Taxi Jets
- Cup & Saucer
- Camelot Castle
- Merry Go Round
- Mini Ferris Wheel

Price: $10 per person. Under 2 years old FREE
Times: 1 hour sessions start from 9:00am to 5:30pm daily
Location: Elizabeth Quay, Perth

Plein Air Down Under Outdoor Painting Festival

Plein Air Down Under, Outdoor Painting Festival

  • Dates:Sep 26-28
  • Festivals:All Festivals


  • Hosted By:Plein Air Down Under
  • Venue Address:Mandurah Town
  • Type:Community,Youth Art / Performance
  • Art Exhibitions:Painting
  • Other:Arts & Crafts


Workshops, Paint Outs, Exhibitions, Demonstrations and Artist Talks. This festival celebrates everything to do with outdoor painting.


Plein Air Down Under invites artists to join in the fun of Mandurah’s first outdoor painting festival.

Over $8,000 in cash and prizes is on offer for artists accepting the challenge of capturing the character and beauty of Mandurah and Pinjarra’s natural and built environment.


As well as organised Paint Outs, there will be time for artists to explore and paint in other areas. 


This is a free event for the general public, and for artists who would like to paint over the three days and be eligible for the prize money, registrations are $10 for aged 18 and under, and $60 for adults.


The festival dates are 26, 27 and 28 September, with additional pre-festival workshops and activities – all designed to celebrate the art of painting outdoors.


What is Plein Air Painting?

En plein air is a French expression meaning “in the open air” and refers to the act of painting outdoors. The artist’s subject is in full view, with no photographic reference. It allows the artist to paint a moment in time, in real time. Plein air artists capture the spirit and essence of a landscape or subject by incorporating natural light, colour and movement.


Image:  Leon Holmes by Judith Rigter


School Holidays At Scitech

These September school holidays, discover how the smallest of actions can have a big impact on the world around us.

  • Dates:Sep 26 - Oct 11
  • Venue:Scitech


  • Venue Address:102 Railway St, West Perth WA, 6005
  • Ticket Price FROM:FREE
  • Ticket price TO:$52
  • Type:For Kids
  • Other:Science,Technology


In our new feature exhibition, Earth Matters, explore the changes happening on our planet and unearth solutions for a more sustainable future. Explore other shows at Scitech such as Lightbulb Moments, Habitat Earth, Beyond Earth, Why Can't I Fly and more. Kids will learn about sustainability, electricity waste, the wonders of science and immersive colour experiences. Visit their website to learn more.

Bloody Sunday Bottomless Pizza Brunch

The perfect way to start any Sunday, bottomless pizza and cocktails. This is the Mack Daddy of all bottomless brunches!

  • Dates:Sep 27 & Oct 11, 18.
  • Time(s):11am to 1pm
  • Venue:Mack Daddy's New York Slice


  • Hosted By:Mack Daddy's New York Slice
  • Venue Address:560 Beaufort Street, Mount Lawley WA 6050
  • Ticket Price FROM:$40
  • Ticket price TO:$55
  • Food & Drink:Food Event,Restaurant Events


Perth's Premier New York style pizza joint is bringing you Sunday bottomless brunches! 

The brunch menu features 3 delicious brunch pizzas as well as the usual favourites, and yes you can have as much as you can eat.

Their skilled bartenders will keep the Bloody Marys, Espresso Martinis and Bloody Bubbles flowing. House beer and wine is also included. For those going Boozeless, there is the option of iced tea and soft drinks. 

$55 per person - Bottomless Boozy Pizza

$40 per person - Bottomless Boozeless Pizza 

The Adventures Of Snugglepot and Cuddlepie

Come down and re-envision the magic of this iconic Australian story by the West Australian Ballet featuring your favourite characters from May Gibbs' well-loved children's books.

  • Dates:Sept 28 - Oct 2
  • Time(s):11.00am
  • Venue:Perth Cultural Centre


  • Hosted By:AWESOME Arts & West Australian Ballet
  • Venue Address:Francis Street and William Street, Northbridge WA 6003
  • Ticket Price:Free
  • Produced By:Awesome Arts
  • Performing Arts:Ballet
  • Type:For Kids,Free


Join the gumnut babies, as they set off on their quest to see some humans!

On the way, meet their friends Mr. Lizard and Mr. Frog and watch them battle it out with the cunning Mrs. Snake and her wicked sidekicks, the Banksia men.

Featuring many of your favourite characters from May Gibb's well-loved children books - including lovely Ragged Blossom, gluttonous Mrs. Kookaburra and flirty Mrs. Fantail - this ballet is the perfect way for children to discover (and adults to re-live) the magic of this iconic Australian story, inspired by the plants and creatures of the Western Australian bush.

No booking required - General Admission seating. 

Presented by AWESOME Arts Festival for Bright Young Things in collaboration with Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts and Perth Symphony Orchestra.

School Holidays Sewing Workshop

Only for Girls Sewing Workshop Hair Accessories – DIY Scrunchies and Headbands. Would it be nice to design your own hair accessories, matching to your everyday outfits!

  • Dates:Sep 28-30 & Oct 5-7


  • Hosted By:Studio Thimbles
  • Venue Address:113 Rokeby Road Subiaco
  • Other:Arts & Crafts
  • Type:For Kids,Workshops
  • Ticket Price FROM:$59.11
  • Ticket price TO:$106.59


Join us for couple of hours fun making your own hair accessories and learn some sewing skills. During this workshop we will make 1 scrunchie and 1 headband each. DIY scrunchies and headbands is such a good idea for that special handmade gift! Variety of different fabrics all provided; you don’t need to bring anything. It will be so much fun designing your own hair pieces, mixing, and matching different fabrics!


Sewing machines and all tools to use are also provided. 1.5 – 2 hours Workshop in small group (max 4 participants). Booking is essential.

2020 AWESOME International Arts Festival For Bright Young Things

Join us in the Perth Cultural Centre from 28 September – 2 October for performances, workshops, book launches and pop-up activities.

  • Dates:28 Sept - 4 Oct
  • Time(s):10.00am - 3.00pm
  • Venue:Perth Cultural Centre
  • Festivals:All Festivals


  • Hosted By:AWESOME Arts
  • Venue Address:Perth Cultural Centre, Francis Street and William Street, Northbridge WA 6003
  • Ticket Price:$15
  • Ticket Price FROM:$0
  • Ticket price TO:$100.50
  • Produced By:Awesome Arts
  • Event Venue:Art Gallery of WA,His Majesty's Theatre,PICA,State Library of WA,State Theatre Centre of WA,Studio Underground,Yagan Square
  • Type:For Kids


The AWESOME International Arts Festival for Bright Young Things (the AWESOME Festival) is presented annually in the Perth CBD. The Festival showcases a spectacular array of events including theatre, dance, early childhood activities, music, film, literature, visual arts and creative hands-on activities. AWESOME is committed to presenting high-quality, layered programming for children aged 0 – 12 and their families.
Thanks to Principal Partner BHP, Wesfarmers Arts, Department of Local Government, Sport and Cultural Industries, Lotterywest, City of Perth and Perth Theatre Trust.

Wolfgang’s Magical Musical Circus

Straight from the score and onto the stage, the man known as Mozart appears amid a storm of powder, tumbling and twirling, as musical mayhem and movement fuse in this family show with a circus twist.

  • Dates:Sep 29 - Oct 2
  • Time(s):12.00pm, 2.00pm & 6.15pm (times vary per day)
  • Venue:Heath Ledger Theatre, State Theatre Centre
  • Festivals:AWESOME Festival


  • Venue Address:Heath Ledger Theatre, State Theatre Centre, 174-176 William St, Perth WA 6000
  • Ticket Price FROM:$21.00
  • Ticket price TO:$26.00
  • Performing Arts:Circus,Theatre
  • Produced By:Awesome Arts
  • Event Venue:State Theatre Centre of WA
  • Type:For Kids


To those who know him, he is Wolfgang, the dart-playing ratbag. To those who are watching and listening, he is the wigged genius Mozart. Come and discover his irrepressible spirit and vibrant compositions through physical comedy and mischievous antics.

Designed to amaze people from the age of three and upwards, Wolfgang’s Magical Musical Circus reinvents the composer’s magical music in a skilful and illuminating show featuring Circa’s dexterous daredevil artists and a live accordionist. Watch as the notes are physically lifted off the page as performers bring the renowned compositions to life amidst a storm of powder, tumbles and crashes, all under the eccentric swirl of the conductor’s baton.

School Holiday Super Safari Adventure Cockburn Gateway

October school holidays are all about the Super Safari at Cockburn Gateway. There's a very cool Augmented Reality centre trail, and an immersive Safari Challenge Zone and activities to be explored.

  • Dates:September 29 - October 11
  • Venue:Cockburn Gateway


  • Hosted By:Cockburn Gateway
  • Venue Address:816 Beeliar Drive, Success
  • Ticket Price:Free
  • Type:For Kids



It is all about the Super Safari for children during the up-coming October school holidays at Cockburn Gateway. A very cool Augmented Reality centre trail, featuring Leo the Lion and a super fun Safari Challenge Zone awaits our young adventurers.

By downloading the Super Safari Treasure Quest App and scanning markers throughout the centre, children have the chance to collect all of Leo the Lion’s treasure and win great prizes. Once scanned, one of those markers allows the children to meet Leo and have their photo taken with him, as he comes to life as an augmented character.

The Safari Challenge Zone located outside BigW is an immersive zone featuring obstacles to tackle and fun activities for children to take part in. Activities include a tyre challenge, balance beam, safari hop-scotch, safari jump challenge and what would a jungle be without monkey bars!


Bookings for the Safari Challenge Zone are essential as space is limited to ensure physical distancing is adhered to. Bookings can be made at cockburngateway.com.au


Super Safari Treasure Quest AR centre trail – Tuesday 29 September – Sunday 11 October

Safari Challenge Zone – Tuesday 29 September – Saturday 10 October, 11am to 3pm daily.



Hop on board and get ready to blast off with this interactive multi-sensory space adventure that puts children with disabilities in the Captain's Chair!

  • Dates:Sept 29 - Oct 2
  • Time(s):Morning show 9.30am; Afternoon show 12.00pm
  • Venue:State Theatre Centre of WA


  • Hosted By:AWESOME Arts & Sensorium Theatre
  • Venue Address:174-176 William St, Perth WA 6000
  • Ticket Price:Child (includes Guardian) $20, Additional Guardian $16
  • Produced By:Awesome Arts
  • Event Venue:State Theatre Centre of WA
  • Performing Arts:Theatre
  • Type:For Kids


Whoosh! is a new interactive multi-sensory adventure that puts children with disabilities in the Captain’s Chair! Created by pioneering theatre makers Sensorium Theatre and presented as part of the AWESOME Festival 2020, this unique performance is suitable for children 6+ with a broad range of access needs, including those with multiple and complex needs and those on the autism spectrum.

Calling all budding astronauts! Become a pilot, engineer or navigator as we whoosh across the galaxy for an interstellar adventure for the whole family. Join the crew to explore outer space, taste space food, experience hyperspace and travel all the way to the mysterious Planet X. We'll have to work as a team to repair the ship and return to Earth.

Dark Dance At The Regal Theatre

On every Tuesday evening in September, the Regal Theatre turns off the lights on their stage and invites everyone and anyone for a dance party where you can dance like no one's watching.

  • Dates:Sept 29
  • Time(s):5:30pm
  • Venue:The Regal Theatre


  • Hosted By:The Regal Theatre
  • Venue Address:474 Hay Street
  • Ticket Price:Free Entry
  • Event Venue:Regal Theatre
  • Type:Community
  • Performing Arts:Dance


Dancing in the dark can give us the opportunity to free ourselves from the instinct to fit in. There is no one watching us, no one judging us and we can move the way our body wants to move. There is no right or wrong way to dance and it doesn’t matter what you look like, it only matters how you feel.

What to expect:
Meet on the Regal Theatres’ stage, where they’ll go through a quick welcome and warm up with the lights on for you to get acquainted with the space. They will then turn the lights down low and get down to dance! They'll have non-stop bangers ready to go in a playlist to keep you grooving. At the end they'll put on some mood lighting to take us through some stretching to cool us down. The space will have markers so you will have no trouble going to the toilet or getting assistance if you need.

Bring whatever mood you come with, and together you'll shake off any bad vibes and leave in a better mood then when you started. This is an opportunity to lose yourself in the music.
Bring a water bottle, comfortable clothes, and ear plugs if you have any sensitivity to loud music.

Humans have been dancing forever, however it is only recently that research is starting to show us why. The neurological benefits of dance can be as important as the known physical benefits and may even have clinical applications. Dance helps our neurological and physical health by:
- triggering neurotransmitters to release feel good chemicals such as dopamine, serotonin and norepinephrine that can help relieve stress and anxiety.
- releasing endorphins that create satisfaction, euphoria and even increase our pain tolerance.
- improving balance, co-ordination and special awareness.
- improving muscle tone and cardiovascular health.

Whether you come for stress relief, physical exercise, or just for pleasure, Dark Dance can benefit you in ways you didn’t even know you needed. 

CircusWA Spring Holiday Program 2020

CircusWA, located in historic Fremantle offers holiday workshops, term classes, outreach workshops and circus parties for all ages. Roll up to the Freo Big Top and see what its all about.

  • Dates:Sept 29-Oct 9
  • Venue:The Freo Big Top


  • Hosted By:CircusWA
  • Venue Address:90 Adelaide St, Fremantle, WA, 6160
  • Ticket Price FROM:20
  • Ticket price TO:99
  • Other:Health
  • Performing Arts:Circus
  • Sports:Other Sports & Fitness
  • Type:Community,For Kids,Workshops,Youth Art / Performance


Spring into Circus these holidays! There's something for all ages at the Freo Big Top.


  • Encourage your kids to Flip and Fly (5-7yrs)
  • Have a Big Top Circus Holiday (8-12yrs)
  • Climb high and challenge gravity in Boys Circus (8yrs+) 
  • Roll into spring in Intro to Circus Acrobatics (10yrs+)
  • seek the skyline in Intro to Aerials (10yrs+)
  • and explore the history of ancient Chinese warriors in Chinese Pole Tricks (12yrs+)


 For more info including pricing and availability visit The CircusWA Website or email us.

Joanna's Candlelit Soirées: Italian Soiree With Kavisha, Sammy & Jun

Experience an "Italian Night" of brilliant music delivered by Perth's finest musicians and artists

  • Dates:Sept 29
  • Time(s):6.30pm to 8.30pm
  • Venue:Kidogo Art House


  • Hosted By:Kidogo Art House
  • Venue Address:Bathers Beach, Fremantle WA 6160
  • Ticket Price:$75
  • Music:Opera,World,Other Music,Country & Folk
  • Performing Arts:Cabaret
  • Food & Drink:Food Event


After our sell out show in August - Fabulous Kavisha Mazzella (singer-songwriter) & maestro Sammy Pizzata (pianist) & one of Perth’s leading singer's of Italian opera, tenor Jun Zhang have collaborated to design a wonderful evening of 600 years of Italian music! What an amazing trio!! What a wonderful evening we will all have.

A simple & delicious meal is included in your ticket. Bar open. No BYO.

Valentine By Rachael Woodward

Immerse yourself in the story of Valentine the clown, through an honest, playful and interactive show about what it means to love and lose somebody.

  • Dates:Sept 29 - Oct 2
  • Time(s):1pm
  • Venue:PICA Performance Space


  • Hosted By:AWESOME Arts & PICA
  • Venue Address:51 James St, Perth WA 6000
  • Ticket Price:$17.50
  • Ticket Price FROM:$14.50
  • Ticket price TO:$62.00
  • Produced By:Awesome Arts,PICA: Perth Institute of Contemporary Art
  • Event Venue:PICA
  • Performing Arts:Puppetry,Theatre
  • Type:For Kids


Presented by AWESOME Festival in association with PICA, this show is designed for families and children (6+).

The story of a clown learning what it means to love. Valentine is a clown who loves her Grandpa, but his heart is running out of time. Valentine is determined to be strong, but in doing so she loses her heart. With a big empty world ahead of her, come and help Valentine on the journey to search for her heart. Like a story book that comes to life before your eyes, Valentine combines shadow puppetry, animation and physical theatre.

Adult/ Child $17.50, Family +4 $62.00, Group +8 $14.50 each

The Pigeon And The Albatross

A joyful union of music and storytelling that celebrates the spirit of adventure, the reward of curiosity and the value of kindness.

  • Dates:Sept 29 - Oct 2
  • Time(s):12:30pm
  • Venue:State Theatre Centre of WA


  • Hosted By:AWESOME Arts & Australian Baroque
  • Venue Address:174-176 William St, Perth WA 6000
  • Ticket Price:General $26; Concession $20; Family $21
  • Ticket Price FROM:$20
  • Ticket price TO:$26
  • Produced By:Awesome Arts
  • Event Venue:State Theatre Centre of WA
  • Music:Classical
  • Type:For Kids


Presented by AWESOME Festival and Australian Baroque. 

Told in rich verse and accompanied by the live performance of classical music masterpieces, this epic tale charts the adventures of an unlikely pair of feathered friends from humble perch to worldly wonders and back again.

With enemies to thwart and unlikely friends to meet upon the way, the Pigeon and the Albatross together discover a world of beauty and diversity, all while learning that saving graces lie close to home.