Author: Sarah Moody

If you’re heading to Northbridge for the night, you will be spoilt for choice on the range of bars and restaurants you can enjoy. Luck for you, we have put in all the hard work and have narrowed it down to 5 must-try cocktails in Northbridge. Whether you want a classic done well, or something quirky and new, there is something for everyone on this list. Rely on us to cater for all your weekend cocktail cravings. 


Sneaky Tony’s: Tony’s Manhattan

If you find yourself lost down the dark alleyways of Chinatown in Northbridge, you might stumble across the hidden door of Sneaky Tony’s. This 1920s inspired rum bar serves plenty of amazing creations, but word around town is their off-menu ‘Tony’s Manhattan’ is one not to miss out on. This rum-inspired Manhattan is served with vermouth, cherry liqueur and a splash of house-made bitters. Topped off with an in-house cured cherry and served in a small coupe, this secret cocktail is sure to impress. Entry to Sneaky Tony’s is famously exclusive. Make sure to check their Facebook page and other socials for the secret password before heading in.


Mechanics Institute: Epic Bloody Mary

Mechanics is known to serve world class drinks with relaxed vibes. The Epic Bloody Mary at Mechanics is a rich and spicy cocktail, topped with a mini cheeseburger slider from Flipside burger and made with over the top garnishes with the right amount of everything. The cocktails at Mechanics have a good reputation and don’t tend to last long on the menu, however, this crowd-pleaser is here to stay along with their famous Hillbilly Bob’s Ruckus Juice. A recipe for the perfect hangover cure, the Epic Bloody Menu is served Sundays only.


Henry Summer: Lola Sour

Grab your phone and make sure to take a photo of the Lola Sour at Henry Summer. As well as the location being the perfect backdrop for your next Instagram post, the drink is also delicious. It is the perfect blend of red fruits, cranberry, Lillet Blanc, white vermouth and orchid flowers. If fruity is not your thing, Henry Summer has an impressive cocktail list, so there’s plenty to choose from. Next best choice is the coffee and rum spiked Coco Kafe. Stay all night and get to know all that Henry Summer has to offer.


La Cholita: Tommy’s Margherita 

Nothing says a good time more than pairing some tacos with La Cholita’s Tommy’s Margherita. With over 100 varieties of tequila on its shelves, La Cholita will convert you to a tequila loving individual. The classic cocktail is filled with good quality tequila, agave nectar and fresh lime juice. Get a group of friends and head on down.


Frisk Small Bar: Charlie Chaplin

Shortly after its opening, Frisk became one of Northbridge’s favourite hotspots. Serving up all things deliciously gin, Frisk has a wide range of cocktails to try. The Charlie Chaplin is a perfect mix of sloe gin, apricot brandy and lemon juice. Just like Frisk itself, this cocktail creates an immediate impression. Their cocktail menu is forever changing so make sure to get in quick. Otherwise, the classic citrus gin and tonic will do the trick.

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