Although travel is off the cards while regional travel bans are in place, we can still appreciate the expansive and beautiful state that is Western Australia from our couches.

Peruse these breathtaking shots captured at WA’s most picture-perfect destinations and add them to your travel bucket list for when the travel bans are lifted.


Far up in the north west of WA, Karijini is one of Australia’s largest and most spectacular national parks. There, you can explore epic trails, descend into cavernous gorges, cool off in inviting pools beneath plunging waterfalls, or scale WA’s second-highest peak, Mt Bruce.


The township of Yallingup attracts surfers from around the world, keen to try its perfect waves. With just over 1000 residents, the remoteness of this town and its peaceful bay has left it pristine.


Located 325km south of Perth, Pemberton has become a popular holiday destination for people looking for a convenient base in the southwest. Traverse the land-locked sand dunes at Yeagarup in a 4WD, cruise the river or mountain bike the portion of the Munda Biddi Trail that passes through the region.


Less than two hours’ drive north of Geraldton, Kalbarri boasts rugged coastal cliffs, breathtaking gorges and one of the world’s best wildflower seasons – spanning an astounding five months!


Exmouth is Ningaloo’s largest town, and the gateway to the Ningaloo Coast World Heritage Area. From secluded turquoise beaches to the rocky canyons and ranges at Cape Range National Park, it’s an adventurer’s paradise.

Kalgoorlie & The Golden Outback

Exploring the goldfields, a land built on the dreams of fortune seekers, continues to be about searching for gold and experiencing Kalgoorlie’s impressive array of heritage buildings, spectacular mountain ranges and sweeping wildflower plains.


Nannup has to be the most chilled town in Western Australia – it is barely even a town, more of a loose collection of buildings spread amongst the forest. Nannup has plenty of similarities to an old school version of Margaret River, and was even used to portray Margs in the 70s for the surfer movie Drift.

Rottnest Island

Rottnest’s popularity is as enormous as the island is small, yet you can always find a secluded stretch of white sand. There are 63 beaches and 20 bays crammed into an area just 11km long and 4.5km at its widest point.


A long drive (2240km to be exact) drive north of Perth, Broome is a wild-west town with a difference; it was pearl shells, not gold, that caused the rush to this red dirt town on the most remote coast in the world.

Mount Barker & The Porongorups

Situated just four hours from Perth, Mount Barker is the gateway to the amazing South Coast featuring the spectacular Stirling and Porongurup National Park Ranges, award winning wineries and vineyards and wonderful wildlife.


Image credits: Aviair, Tourism WA,
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